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Eportal is an ultimate platform for those who want to start their own business by becoming master distributors, distributors, and retailers who provide online payment system services. We assure our clients and customers a safe, secure and hassle-free mode of transactions.

Eportal whose parent company is Asuja eServ Pvt Ltd is an industry-leading company which is dedicated to bridging the gap underlying between traditional banks and safe payment solutions. With the passage of time, our specialized team of workers has developed a secure online payment solution which has provided an opportunity for people to choose an instrument of their choice to transact over online media. Eportal is an innovative solution for consumers who find it difficult to adapt to evolving and fast-changing banking services.

Services Offered

  • Money Transfer
  • Nepal Money Transfer
  • Aadhaar Enabled Payment System
  • Bill Payments (BBPS)
  • Recharges
  • Insurance
  • Micro ATM