City And School Modernization

Ideas for City and School Building development.

City And School Modernization

It is necessary to upgrade the City and school infrastructure in needy places. By harnessing the right funding sources, to ensure an improved learning environment, to secure the future of schools and to provide quality education to a growing community of learners.

Developing a schools building in a needy places is an important undertaking which can have a positive impact on the local community. Here are some steps and ideas for school building development in needy places.


  • Working with EESL (Energy Efficiency Services Limited PSU under Ministry of Power) Field Survey
  • Dismantling (Retrofitting) Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Repair & Maintenance of LED Street Lights Pan India


  • Working with Government of Bihar for Construction of School Boundaries
  • School Toilets Constructions, School Renovation & Maintenance Works
  • Water Borings
  • Supply of School Bench Desk